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We have everything you need for you bonsai hobby. Bonsai trees make a great gift and can accent your home or office.

If you want to make your own bonsai we have all the supplies you need!


Select an indoor or outdoor pre-bonsai tree from our links on the left, choose either a stoneware or mica bonsai pot, add your tools, wire, and soil and head on over to our bonsai care page for tips on creating your own bonsai.

Bonsai Primer


Bonsai roughly translated means tray gardening in Japanese. China is thought to be the birthplace of bonsai and was later adopted by the Japanese. Chinese and Japanese bonsai tend to have different characteristics. Most notably Chinese bonsai, penjing, tend to incorporate more landscape where Japanese bonsai tend to focus on simplicity.


Either style can be a great work of art and something anyone can do. However, it is more rewarding when you understand your art. I'd suggest reading over the bonsai care section of our site so that if you wish to get starting making your own bonsai tree that you find the one that best fits you.


Add some green - Mello out with some bonsai


Bonsai also make a great gift or addition to your room or office. I find it to be the perfect housewarming gift for any nature lover. If you plan on keeping your bonsai indoors I'd recommend selecting one of our indoor bonsai trees. Outdoor bonsai generally can only be kept indoors for a few hours a month. Traditionally, outdoor bonsai are brought indoors prior to special guests or visitors arriving and placed back outside after.


Everything in one place


We hope you find everything you need here. I know when I first started with the hobby I had difficulty finding the right pot or correct pruning tool or soil all in one place. Our unique selection of trees, stoneware and mica pots, and tools should meet your needs.


Bonsai Care

Don't forgot to check out our new bonsai care pages where we recently added an article on the flowering korean lilac.

Featured Bonsai: Japanese Red Maple

Red Maple Bonsai Tree

The leaves of the red maple change from maroon during the growing season to crimson in fall.

Red Maples do well in USDA zones 4-9 and appreciate lots of watering in hotter zones. Learn more about this red maple through this affiliate link on Amazon.