Get your boss a bonsai for Boss Day 2007

This October 16th is National Boss Day. Be creative and get your boss a nice bonsai they can display in their office. Get your boss a bonsai!

For the manager who likes golf

golf ficus

Give your boss this braided golf ball ficus tree. Interwoven in the branches is a golf ball. It also includes a miniature golfer figurine.

Ficus bonsai can be kept indoors inside your boss' office next to a window. They are one of the most easy indoor bonsai trees to care for. It also comes in a smaller version.

Lastly, if you want to give your boss a more traditional bonsai they can take home and admire we have a nice juniper bonsai with fairway golf ball. This juniper has a golf ball tucked into its landscape for a unique look any golfer would like.

For the boss who likes to get their hands dirty

If your boss is very hands on he/she might appreciate their own bonsai starter kit if they are the type not afraid to get some dirt on their hands. We have a few starter kits; juniper starter kit, hawaiian umbrella kit, and a taiwan fig kit.

For the boss with the integrity of a rock

red anthurium

Your boss will appreciate any of our root over rock style bonsai as the perfect addition to their desk. They exude integrity and growth in even the harshest of market conditions! Try our hawaiian umbrella bonsai root over rock, in lava rock, smaller lava rock, or a unique red anthurium in lava rock.

Your boss will appreciate your thoughtfulness!