Chinese bonsai gardening (Penjing)

Penjing Bonsai


Penjing bonsai differs from Japanese bonsai because it tends to incorporate more landscape features.  A feature common in penjing is the use of multiple trees to create a forest effect.  Also, penjing displays tend to be larger and kept outside.


Penjing is generally classified into 3 categories; tree, landscape, and water and land.


Tree Penjing (shumo)


Literati Tree penjing is very similar to Japanese bonsai. Some of the more charactertistic styles include Literati which is partially characterized by its long barren trunk.  It is also normal for literati bonsai to lack many branches at the top of the tree.  Juniper make good choices for this kind of a bonsai, but deciduous trees like maple, elm, and gingko should be avoided.


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