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You can get paid via PayPal once you've reached their minimum cash-out threshold of $20. It's clear that Weegy pays a lot less than the other sites mentioned here. However, it is one option to keep in mind if the others don't work for you. 7. HelpOwl

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Associates Central reporting shows your onsite earnings and units shipped (including actual items shipped) under your Onsite Store ID in Associates Central. Use the drop down menu next to your store name in the top right corner of Associates Central to select your on Onsite Store ID to view onsite earnings. For tracking purposes, there are two IDs so you can see your earnings from the links you generate and traffic you drive to Amazon vs the content that Amazon features onsite. You do not need to do anything with your Onsite Store ID, it is only for tracking and reporting. Keep using your regular Store ID(s) for all the links you generate.