3 Japanese boxwood prebonsai

 buxus sempervirens
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3 Japanese boxwood prebonsai

Three count of Japanese boxwood prebonsai! From most of Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. Picturesque, twisted, and curled branches make this deciduous shrub a great winter effect and it is a major attraction for bonsai. In fall, the leaves turn pale yellow. In winter, the bare twigs are draped with the male catkins, which start to show their yellow pollen at winter’s end. The ripening nut is enclosed in a green, fringed tube that leaves the end of the nut showing.

Additional Features

Trunk caliper: .25“ Pot: 6“ training pot Photo: March 2009.
These are "pre-bonsai" trees that are in preparation for bonsai. They are in nursery growing pots instead of traditional bonsai pots. The photo is representative of the tree that will be sent.