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as of december 2020, the most-subscribed youtube channels did not only include popular music artists such as justin bieber but also video game commentators or comedy creators. despite their professional video production values and full-time work commitment to youtube videos, many of these current youtube celebrity channels were based on user-generated content such as make-up tutorials, video game commentaries or comedy sketches. as of september, the most-viewed youtube channel was ryan toysreview, featuring children's toys. created in 2005, youtube has become one of the most popular social networks worldwide. as of the first quarter of 2015, the global penetration rate among the online population was 81 percent.

3. filming is a painstaking effort despite its sensational premise, 60 days in wasn't the product of some cynical brainstorming meeting by attention-hungry tv execs. greg henry had actually wanted to make a truly no-holds-barred documentary about jail life for some years, having already worked on previous shows about the prison system.

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rooms and the people that worked there. we also liked the staff. they were friendly and my family and i stayed at