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why does it take so long to get paid royalties with amazon

before launching your film on amazon or any other streaming platform, it is essential to build your audience base. sounds like a no-brainer, right? unfortunately, many filmmakers take this important step for granted. there's a mentality of "if you build it, they will come," to quote field of dreams. but we're not dealing with the ghosts of baseball legends; we're talking about your future customers. this might be the most important element in your success on amazon. i have seen my titles' revenue go up and down based solely on customer reviews.

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as a creator, you can promote and sell another company's products or services through affiliate marketing. if a viewer decides to buy the product or service based on your content, you earn a commission. focus on brands you already love and trust to keep your videos authentic. content creators can start to collect diamonds (tiktok's digital currency) through live gifts on tiktok. when viewers are on your live videos, they can send you gifts. once you collect enough diamonds, you can exchange them for a reward payment in the form of money or virtual items.

make money for testing products