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a recent new york post article outlined a scary incident where an amazon merchant saw his sales plummet from 450 units a day down to just 150. it all started when a few negative reviews reached the front page of his amazon product. even though most of the reviews were positive, the negative ones had received enough upvotes to outrank the others. twitter sharing button

amazon makes you wait 14-days to get paid for the products you've sold. the good news: you don't have to. you can get paid the very next day. this guide will show you how. instant transfer, which lets you immediately get paid. (more on that below).

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this is a sharp increase from the previous month, when there were at least 352 such victims, the police said. after doing so, victims would be redirected to a spoofed website to provide information such as their internet banking login credentials, bank card details or one-time password (otp).