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unfortunately, a lot of music streaming platforms don't clearly state how much they pay artists, while some platforms only pay the artist a fraction of a cent every time you play a song. there's no standard rate, though. so, if your goal was to support your favorite artist, you may want to pick the streaming platform that pays the most. deezer isn't the most popular music streaming platform by any means, but it currently has more than 14 million monthly users, half of whom are paid subscribers.

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what should you look for in a lawyer? many years ago, it used to be the case that college students or people under the age of 21 wouldn't get arrested for trying to get into a bar or into a night club with fake id. the bouncers will just take your fake id and will tell you to turn around and go. these days, however, there are police officers working together with bouncers and night clubs to actually arrest young people under the age of 21 when they try to get into bars with fake ids.