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let me introduce you to my favorite makeup innovation of the last decade: magnetic lashes. gone are the tedious mornings and saturday nights of dealing with eyelash glue, tweezers, and uncomfortable fake lashes that fall off mid-conversation. now, i always opt for magnetic eyelashes, whether it's lashes that adhere with magnetic liquid eyeliner (yup, that's a thing-more on that below) or the o.g. magnetic lashes that sandwich together. regardless of the type, magnetic lashes tend to be easier to apply, more comfortable to wear, and longer lasting than traditional lashes. best magnetic eyelashes

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according to the dhgate website, the buyer protection window is 90 days. but to play it safe, you should contact the seller immediately if there are any problems with your order. most products on dhgate are shipped out of china using epacket shipping. however, the larger dhgate sellers have warehouses in the united states.