Ficus Trellis Bonsai Tree - Double Tree Planting

 ficus benjamina 'midnight'
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Ficus Trellis Bonsai Tree - Double Tree Planting

Another "Ficus of the Future". Ficus Midnight is a superior man made hybrid which was developed in Europe. Because it is a hybrid, Ficus Midnight is easier to care for than the Ficus Benjamina and is capable of growing under very low lighting conditions indoors in that it holds its foliage extremely well. It's large leaves are the color of midnight on a moonless night. The leaf color is a blackish-green gloss. Occassionally the leaves will have a striking two-tone ...dark green, light green pattern in them. Styled in an "open" braid using a group of trees which have now fused together where they join. Double tree planting.

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9 years old, 24"x11"x17"