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^ andy martin's columns at (august 10, 2004). "columnist says barack obama 'lied to the american people;' asks publisher to withdraw obama's book" (press release). new york: andy martin worldwide communications. pr newswire. archived from the original on april 6, 2018. retrieved january 4, 2019. obama is a muslim who has concealed his religion. i am a strong supporter of the muslim community, and i believe muslims have been scapegoated. obama has a great opportunity to be forthright. instead, he has treated his muslim heritage as a dark secret. his grandfather was named 'hussein'. that is an arabic-muslim, not african, name. because a portion of republican voters and their tea party supporters believed obama was not eligible to hold public office (see opinion surveys section), republicans sometimes found themselves caught in a dilemma between losing support or damaging their credibility.217 218 they had "to walk the fine line of humoring conspiracy-minded supporters without explicitly questioning obama's legitimacy ..."219 other republicans, including former minnesota governor tim pawlenty and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum, however, have plainly rejected these claims.220

second, many used items are unique or hard to find, adding to their collectible value. in recent years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of vintage music players, particularly turntables. once seen as outdated technology, turntables are now prized for their warm, rich sound quality. as a result, they have become a hot commodity on sites like ebay, where sellers can earn a hefty profit by reselling vintage music players.

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