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Things have gotten so bad that the internet is now filled with horror stories from vacationers who had a bad experience on the platform. The host might tell you that you can instead stay at another supposedly better accommodation, offered at the same price. But the new place is nothing like your original booking. It could be smaller and dingier, in an obscure part of the city.

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earn money with amazon reviews

Surkus says its "crowdcasting" model solves that problem and claims that "top brands, ad agencies, nightclubs, events [and] venues" have tapped its network, which now tops 150,000 members, to populate more than 4,000 gatherings. All of this said, there are legitimate applications of crowdcasting. For example, a research firm used Surkus to find 750 people to watch a new movie in Los Angeles and New York. In practical terms, Surkus was used to build a focus group.