Bonsai tree profiles

Learn about different bonsai tree species here.

Korean Lilac (syringa palabiniana) - An outdoor bonsai with abundant purple flowers in late spring.

Mimosa (albiza julibrissin) - An outdoor bonsai known for its fragrant showy pom-pom flowers.

Mini-jade (portulacaria afra) - A fast growing succulent bonsai that can be grown indoors and out.

Ficus / Fig (ficus retusa/benjamina/salicifolia) - Another great tropical evergreen that does well in low light, is forgiving, and grows rapidly.

Hawaiian Umbrella (schefflera arboricola) - This tropical evergreen can grow well indoors and is very tolerant making it an excellent choice for beginners.

Juniper (juniper procumbens 'nana') - These natives of the mountains of Japan are one of the most recognizable bonsai species.

Fukien tea (ehretia microphylla) - Tropical native to the Fujian province in China. Grows well indoors and has naturally small leaves.

Ginkgo biloba - The tree of forty gold crowns or the maidenhair tree. An ancient tree nearly extinct in the wild with amazing yellow leaves in the fall.

Serissa foetida - The tree of a thousand stars. A great flowering indoor or outdoor bonsai tree native to China, Japan, and southeast Asia that doesn't like change.

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