Last Minute Bonsai Gifts for the Holidays

If you know a bonsai lover or hobbyist you are trying to shop for for the holidays you may be wondering what gifts to get your bonsai loving friend. This guide will help you find the perfect bonsai gifts in time for the holiday season.

Bonsai Tools

You can't go wrong gifting someone high quality Japanese bonsai tools. Beginners especially may not have a complete collection of bonsai tools or may be making due with blunt or worn out tools as they can get quite expensive. High quality pruning shears and concave cutters make great gifts. Concave cutters allow pruning of branches flush with the trunk that heal quicker and with less scarring.

Bonsai training supplies

When the branches on a bonsai tree aren't placed where they need to be they can be bent and trained slowly into place using wire. It comes in many different sizes / guages depending on the branch size. Bonsai hobbyists can never have enough.

I prefer aluminum wire for corrosion resistance and it is anodized to match. In the spring your friend will appreciate having bonsai soil on hand for repotting.


I was guilty for the longest time of keeping my bonsai tools in a box because I was being cheap. The best gifts are things people would appreciate, but don't buy for themselves. Consider giving your bonsai friend a tool roll to keep their tools protected and organized.

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