Japanese Gardens: Morikami Gardens

Below are some pictures of bonsai trees we saw on display on a recent trip to Morikami Gardens in Delray Beach Florida. Morikami gardens features a museum and Japanese garden complex which features a bonsai display. If you are ever in the area I definetly recommend visiting.

Brazilian Raintree

Brazilian raintree bonsai


Calliandra haemataocephala

Dwarf jade

Dwarf jade in cascade

Cascade bonsai

Cascade bonsai

Mini jade

Another mini jade in cascade

ehretia microphylla

Microphylla in rock

Slanting bonsai style

An example of slanting style bonsai

Dwarf olive

Dwarf olive


Penjing landscape example

Fukien tea

Fukien tea

Surinam cherry

Surinam cherry


Thousand Star Serrissa

Upright bonsai

Upright style bonsai

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