Bonsai Care

Bonsai gardening is more enjoyable if you know how to care for your bonsai trees in order to keep them in the best shape. Bonsai plants have their own unique requirements for watering, light, and soil. Since they are grown in such a small space any mistakes can be magnified. Stay informed by reading our bonsai care pages so your bonsai stays in top condition.

Please use the links on the left to learn about caring for your bonsai.  We are always adding to the care pages so revisit us soon

(5/13/08) Learn about the purple flowering korean lilac.

(4/11/08) Everything you wanted to know about mimosa bonsai (silk tree).

(2/16/08) New article on caring for portulacaria afra.

(2/12/08) We added a handy tool for calculating bonsai proportion and symmetry.

(2/4/08) Learn to recognize and get rid of bonsai aphids.

(1/17/08) Learn about preparing your bonsai for spring.

(1/6/08) Looking for a good beginner bonsai? Try a ficus bonsai tree.

(12/29/07) Did you know how easy it is to keep hawaiian umbrella trees as bonsai?

(12/22/07) Find out more on juniper bonsai in our latest addition.

(12/13/07) Learn about outdoor bonsai care in the winter in our latest article.

(12/5/07) Added an article on fukien tea bonsai trees

(11/30) Added an article on ginkgo biloba bonsai trees

(11/17) Added an article on serissa foetida bonsai trees

(10/24) Added an article on bonsai scale

(10/5) Added an article on bonsai defoliation

(10/1) Added an article on getting started with bonsai

(9/30) We added an image gallery of some bonsai pictures from Morikami Gardens

(9/14) Did you ever want to grow your own bonsai from an existing one? Check out our article on growing bonsai from cuttings

(6/27) We just added an interesting article about fungus on our diseases and pests section you may want to look at.

If you would like to contribute an article or other information please contact us.

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