How do I prevent diseases and insects from infecting my bonsai?

As living trees, bonsai are susceptible to insect attacks and disease. Preventive and corrective measures include

  • Keeping your bonsai in good health, since insects and bacteria tend to attack weak trees
  • Giving your tree ample light, fresh air and ventilation
  • Keeping the soil free of spent blooms and fallen leaves etc.

You may also use an insecticidal soap spray which is not harmful to humans or animals. This soap derivative, however, may require more than one application to control the insect population. It's also a good idea to use this spray weekly to prevent any attacks.

Common Bonsai Pests

  • Spider Mites are a tiny mite that feed off your bonsai. Click the link to read our article on spider mites.
  • Scale insects are small oval nearly flat insects that feed off your bonsai tree's fluids.
  • Fungus gnats are not only annoying, but may also eat your bonsai's roots
  • Aphids suck the sap out of your bonsai's leaves and stems causing damage and introducing viruses.


Not all fungus is bad for your bonsai. If you have ever noticed white film between your bonsai roots and never knew what it was you may want to read my article on Mycorrhiza - the friendly fungus.

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